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QTZ100 (6013) tower crane is a tower crane designed and manufactured according to GB/T9462-1999 "Technical Conditions of Tower Cranes" by Taizhou Tengda Construction Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province. It has the advantages of horizontal boom, trolley luffing, upswing and multi-purpose. The advantages of this machine are:

1. The performance parameters and technical indicators are domestically leading. They can be divided into QTZ100 (maximum working range 54 meters) and QTZ100 (6013) (maximum working range 60 meters). The maximum lifting design of this tower crane can reach 150 meters.

2. The machine has a fixed underground foundation, a fixed independent frame, and an external wall. It is suitable for a variety of implementation sites and construction objects. The free-standing lifting height is 46 meters and the attached lifting height is up to 150 meters.

3. The tower crane works fast, has good speed regulation performance and reliable work balance. The electrical control system uses electrical components produced by professional manufacturers' advanced foreign technology, with fewer failures, simple maintenance and reliable operation.

4. The whole machine technology adopts mature design at home and abroad. The rotary drive adopts imported frequency converter to realize variable frequency speed regulation, and the brake is stable without impact, and the position is accurate and reliable. The main electrical appliances are produced by the French TE company.

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