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QTZ80 tower crane is a tower crane designed and manufactured according to GB/T9462-1999 "Technical Conditions of Tower Cranes" by Taizhou Tengda Construction Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province. It has the advantages of horizontal boom, trolley luffing, upswing and multi-purpose. The advantages of this machine are:

1. Performance parameters and technical indicators are leading domestically, reaching the international advanced level in the 1990s.

2. The shape of the whole machine is international popular, very beautiful, and is very popular among users at home and abroad.

3. The independent lifting height is 40.5m, the lifting height of the independent fixed frame is 40.8m, and the lifting height of the attached type can reach 140m.

This machine also has internal climbing type and track walking type. Users need to explain when ordering.

4. High working speed, good speed regulation performance and reliable work balance.

5, the electrical control system uses professional manufacturers to introduce foreign advanced technology to produce electrical components, life expectancy is 3-4 times longer than domestic components, fewer faults, simple maintenance, reliable work.

6. Configure 8 kinds of safety devices that are suitable for the harsh construction environment to ensure reliable operation of the tower crane.

7. The design adopts the mature and reliable advanced technology at home and abroad, which improves the technical level of the whole machine. The mature and reliable advanced technologies adopted are:

1) The slewing mechanism uses imported frequency converter to realize variable frequency stepless speed regulation, stable starting and braking, no impact, accurate position, safe and reliable.

2) The professional electrical appliance factory introduces the electrical components produced by the French TE company technology;

3) Safety devices such as weight limiters, torque limiters, height limiters, amplitude limiters, swing limiters, brakes for rotating and traction mechanisms, which have been imported from foreign countries;

4) trolley anti-break rope device (anti-sliding) and anti-break shaft device;

5) lifting line system;

6) traction rope tensioning system;

7) Rigid double tie rod suspension large lifting arm, good rigidity of the lifting arm, light weight, small section, small wind resistance, beautiful appearance, several changes in length, to meet different construction needs;

8) The driver's cab is independent and external, with a good view, large internal space, and air conditioning to create a good working environment for the operator; the driver uses the advanced linkage table to manipulate the movements of the various mechanisms, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

8. The design is in full compliance with or superior to national standards.

Because of its above characteristics, the tower crane is suitable for large-scale construction projects such as high-rise or super high-rise civil buildings, bridge water conservancy projects, large-span industrial plants, and tall chimneys and silos constructed by sliding mode.

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