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QTZ160 tower crane is a kind of building tower crane designed and manufactured according to GB/T9462-1999 "Technical Conditions of Tower Crane" by Taizhou Tengda Construction Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province. The machine can be widely used in large-scale construction of low-rise and high-rise civil buildings, bridge water conservancy projects, large-span industrial plants and high-rise buildings.

The machine is in the form of a horizontal boom, a trolley, and an upper swing. The machine has the following main advantages:

1. The tower body is the standard section hydraulic jacking heightening, and the height of the tower crane can be determined according to the height of the building. The lifting capacity of the tower crane is not reduced by the rise of the tower crane.

2. The working speed is fast and the speed regulation performance is good. Work smoothly and efficiently.

3, the length of the boom frame varies widely, there are seven lengths of 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m, 60m, 65m, 70m, which can meet a wider range of engineering needs.

4. The driver's cab is independently placed on the side and has an open view, which creates a better working environment for the operator.

5. The safety device is complete, which can ensure safe and reliable work.

6. The whole machine is arranged reasonably and has nice appearance.

7. The boom is supported by rigid double tie rods and the structure is stable.

8. This machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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